10 Things to Look For in a Marriage Celebrant
Your wedding day serves as the most important day in your lives as a couple. It is a sacred and solemn celebration. Yet it is also the happiest day of a couple’s relationship, since it is the day when they are finally joined in the happy bond of Marriage.

Every couple wants their wedding to be awesome fun and a memorable celebration. Of course the right wedding celebrant can really help to make that happen.

Below is a list of 10 things to look for in a Marriage Celebrant

1. Good Communication Skills

Every couple needs to meet with their desired Wedding Celebrant of choice and this Marriage Celebrant needs to be someone who can listen and give advice or suggestions, in achieving the Wedding Ceremony that the couple wants to achieve.

A good celebrant caters to your needs and worries. Since it is more likely that the celebrant has had more experience than you when it comes to Wedding Ceremonies then they must know how to advise you on

  • How to Write Your Wedding Vows
  • Order of Events
  • The Over-All Fee of the Ceremony

If you have already hired or chosen a specific Wedding Celebrant then you must take into account if they are readily available whenever you need them.

2. Organization

Surely no one wants something to be missed on their wedding day. All of the legal details are paramount, in having your wedding registered correctly. You therefore want someone who has a keen eye for detail and someone with a high sense of regard to completing the task at hand with no flaws. Someone with whom you are confident who wouldn’t miss anything, is important.

3. Preparedness.

Civil Marriage Celebrants are required by law to make the ceremony understandable and audible to all guests. So if they rely on audio equipment to achieve this, they must have these systems in good working order.

4. Flexibility

Every ceremony is unique. After all, no two persons are alike. A couple would want a celebrant who is flexible and can adapt to your creativeness in a relationship or as a couple.

10 Things to Look For in a Marriage Celebrant

5. Creativity

Every couple wants their wedding to show who they are, as a couple. So the celebrant must be creative enough to help you make your wedding a special day not only for you but also for your guests. You must choose a celebrant who is helpful and encouraging in putting your ceremony together.

6. Confidence

A celebrant must be confident to face strangers and be comfortable in front of them as well. You want someone who can run the show with a smile on their face to engage your guests.

7. Can Work Under Pressure

You want a celebrant who can keep his calm even in the presence of stressful or unexpected circumstances. Someone who can take the initiative and continue with calmness to ensure that your ceremony flows smoothly.

8. Friendly and Warm

You want a celebrant whom you can approach and share your sentiments with. Someone who radiates a positive air within themselves and can spread the warmness to others.

9. Qualified

All Civil Marriage Celebrants are appointed by the Attorney General so be sure to choose one with a current license to officiate your wedding since they must have the proper training to legally conduct the Marriage Ceremony or Rite.

10. Professionalism

Choose someone who is professional in the role and someone who knows all the legalities to be performed to make the ceremony official. Someone who assures that everything is in order and accurate before submitting all the legal documents.

Over-all you must look for someone who can calmly deal with everything – so you remain focused, happy and stress-free on your special day.

10 Things to Look For in a Marriage Celebrant

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