Hiring a Civil Wedding Celebrant?

If you’re planning to marry and you’re not looking for a religious ceremony, then the natural choice is to hire a Civil Celebrant. But what can you expect if you choose this option?

After all, Civil celebrants are available throughout Australia to help perform weddings to all kinds of couples and for all kinds of weddings.

So while some prefer or require a religious wedding at a church or temple; and while others want a Registry Office wedding conducted by a government official; an increasing number of couples seem to be choosing civil wedding celebrants to conduct their wedding.

As you would imagine, there are all kinds of wedding celebrants, ready to help. All of them are legally empowered to perform legal, binding weddings as required by Australian law. They understand the legal requirements of Australian marriage law and will take care of all legal aspects, such as arranging and completion of all pre-marriage paperwork so that you can marry in Australia.

What’s more, every celebrant is aware that you may have unique requirements for your own wedding and will be willing to hear what you have to say; and to incorporate your desires into the ceremony for your own special day. Many celebrants will seem a natural fit for your wedding if they are merely happy to do the wedding at your chosen location, at the right time and date. For some marrying pairs, issues such as a warm personality, a good speaking voice, a great depth of experience and real empathy are vital. You can easily make your own assessments about this during a phone conversation with a prospective choice of marriage celebrant.

Of course many other couples simply want to get married, with a minimum of fuss, guests and effort. If you are amongst those who just want to get married promptly and inexpensively, then the best civil celebrant choice is Simple Weddings, who currently conduct weddings in Melbourne and Adelaide.

A recent Simple Wedding in Melbourne
A recent Simple Wedding in Melbourne

Simple Weddings offer an expert civil celebrant service without gimmicks or frills. If you might have considered a “Registry Office” wedding, you’ll find Simple Weddings very similar, yet at just $199 for a wedding ceremony, they’re around 30% less expensive. Even better, they are frequently able to conduct your wedding more promptly than either the Registry Office or other celebrants.

To illustrate this point:

As you might already know, the legal waiting time to get married is one month after you’ve signed a “Notice of Intention to Marry” form. Despite this minimum, applying for a Registry Office wedding can often be subject to further delays due to that office’s heavy bookings; and couples sometimes must wait weeks longer to be married than they might like. By contacting Simple Weddings instead, waiting times are never more than the one, legally-required month plus a few days.

Hiring a Civil Wedding Celebrant?

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