How Can You Tell Which Wedding Celebrant is Right for You?
If you’ve decided to get married, the chances are you’re thinking of booking a Wedding Celebrant. Frankly this is not surprising because each year an increasing number of couples choose a wedding celebrant rather than a church or religious wedding.

So What Can You Expect to Find?

There are so many celebrants. If you’re looking for a Wedding Celebrant in Adelaide, you’ll be amazed to discover that there are around 480 celebrants in South Australia.

If you’re looking for a Wedding Celebrant in Melbourne, get ready for a shock! There are 2093 celebrants in Victoria, most of whom are in Melbourne.

That’s why, with so many options, we thought you’d appreciate some tips to choose a wedding celebrant. Check for these things first:

Wedding Celebrant

  1. Ask any celebrant you might be considering if he or she is available for your special day. This will reduce the field down considerably.
  2. Can you meet your celebrant to make arrangements at a time that is easy to manage? Can you meet the celebrant at a location that works for you?
  3. What happens if your plans go awry and you need to change the date? Can the celebrant help in this case? Some wedding celebrants can and some can’t.
  4. What is the Celebrant’s price? Celebrants are free to determine what their price is, so you can be sure that some will charge like wounded bulls.
  5. Can you be bothered with a Celebrant who offers far too much “style”? If you’re looking for something far simpler, perhaps you’d rather a celebrant who will simply “get you married” with the least fuss possible.

If you’re considering a wedding celebrant in Adelaide or a wedding celebrant in Melbourne and your primary objectives are convenience, availability, flexibility and low fees, you’ll probably like Simple Weddings.

It’s a celebrant business uniquely offering weddings in both locations, at Australia’s lowest price. What’s more, they are usually available to do your wedding in the promptest possible fashion so if you are looking to get married sooner rather than later, Simple Weddings is probably the right choice in that situation also. Best of all, as their name implies, Simple Weddings achieves all of those things with the absolute minimum of fuss. They make choosing a wedding celebrant, easy.

How Can You Tell Which Wedding Celebrant is Right for You?

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