Planning a Registry Office Wedding in Adelaide?

In latest trends we see an ever-increasing number of Australian couples who are looking for sensible ways to make “getting married” a more affordable reality.

It’s not surprising. After all, we are all feeling the pinch these days and there are so many other things competing for our hard earned dollars.

There’s rent, saving a deposit for a house, mortgage repayments, utility and phone bills, school expenses, holidays and general household expenses. They are all ferocious!

At the same time, those planning to marry often feel less constrained than their parents when it comes to getting married. That’s because social norms change over time. For instance, in our parent’s day, the norm was to have a church wedding followed by a lavish sit-down banquet for anywhere up to 200 guests!

In today’s terms, the cost of all that is out of reach for all but the really well-off.
Thankfully, as I mentioned, social norms have changed and no-one really expects you to mortgage the house or put off buying a house, just so you can afford to get married.

In fact, couples these days know that the actual “Being Married” part of marriage is far more important than “Getting Married”. Therefore we find that many couples plan a simple ceremony, often through the Registry Office (at Births, Deaths and Marriages in the city).

Of course, until recently, the Registry Office has traditionally been the place for weddings for those who just want something basic and at a lower price.

However in the last few years, hundreds of couples have latched onto a new, competing service, called Simple Weddings. Simple Weddings offers couples the option to simply get married, at their Nailsworth office, a mere 10 minutes north of town, on Main North Road.

What do couples like so much about Simple Weddings?

Well for starters there’s the price.

The Registry Office charges $285 for a Weekday wedding. Simple Weddings charges just $199.
Next, there’s convenience. If you hold your wedding at the Registry Office, you have to consider weekday, city parking (which is costly and a nuisance) for you and your guests. At Simple Weddings there is convenient, free rear-of-premises parking and side-street parking onsite.

One more thing: Weekends.

You can’t get married by the Registry Office on the weekend. On the other hand, Simple Weddings offers weekend (and after-hours) weddings for just $299!
If you haven’t guessed by now, the answer is yes. Simple Weddings prices are the best in Australia.

What is the best way to get married?

It’s a personal choice, naturally.

There are 1001 ways to get married in Australia.

But if you want a wedding without all the fuss, bother and expense of an old-fashioned wedding, you might find a Simple Wedding is just right.

Moreover, if you’re sensible with money and want the most convenient option and the lowest imaginable price, a Simple Wedding might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Principal Celebrant Chris Steele invites you to book a Simple Wedding today. Just call them on 1300 668 459 or book online, 24/7 at .

Planning a Registry Office Wedding in Adelaide?

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