Why Same Sex Weddings will soon be a reality

As you’ve no doubt heard, Australian same-sex couples will soon have the same right to marry as hetero couples. So long as enough Australians vote yes on the Postal “Plebiscite”.

While the Plebiscite is non-binding; here at Simple Weddings we are confident that the pressure on parliamentarians to act on its’ outcome will be unavoidable. More importantly, we are confident that a great majority of Australians will vote yes. So change is unavoidable and it can’t come soon enough.

After all, whoever you love, it’s none of the government’s damn business. Government’s role in the whole matter should merely be to rubber-stamp and record the decision of any two consenting adults, in any contractual matter they enter into. Whether that’s a business contract; or a marriage contract!

At this stage, when it comes to legal Same-Sex Marriage, Australia is only lagging behind Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the UK, the US and Uruguay. But we will catch up in November, when the results of the plebiscite will become known.

After those results are known, of course we can expect a lot of parliamentarians will resist change nevertheless. Even so, the political pressure will be too much and therefore the change we are all waiting for will occur very swiftly.

While we can’t guarantee the availability of Same Sex Marriage; we are pretty confident. So if you’re in a same-sex relationship and have been dreaming about a special day, we can say this:

We will be happy to conduct your legal wedding ceremony, as soon as it’s legally possible; and we expect that to be no later than early 2018.

Will same-sex marriage be legal before the end of 2017? Possibly. Our bet is that it will be ratified by about February 2018; but we’re hoping for sooner.

Now if you simply can’t wait (who could blame you?) we understand. At Simple Weddings, as always, we are happy to arrange a “Commitment Ceremony”, for a date as soon as you like (subject to our availability). And if you book a “Commitment Ceremony” which occurs prior to SS Marriage becoming legal, we will give you a 50% off discount on your subsequent “legal ceremony”.

Of course, if you book a “Commitment Ceremony” and SS Marriage becomes legal before your big day, then we may even be able to change your “Commitment Ceremony” to a legal, SS Marriage (depending on legal notice periods which at current are a minimum of one-month’s notice).

Finally, you can book a tentative date for a legal, Same-Sex Marriage, so that if it becomes available sooner (or later) than your chosen date, we can move your date as appropriate.

Why not book now? Or if you’d simply like to discuss your wedding plans or ideas, please give us a call. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Why Same Sex Weddings will soon be a reality

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