Why Your Wedding will be Different to Your Mum’s!
When your Mum thinks back to her wedding day, chances are it was a big affair. Probably in a church; and probably followed by a big, expensive, sit-down dinner at a reception venue.These days, many things have changed.

Thousands of Australian couples are now choosing to get married by Wedding Celebrants; and this is growing year by year.

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In fact, thousands of Australians choose this option – and for a variety of reasons.

At the same time, while the traditional big, sit-down dinner hasn’t disappeared, it is often being replaced by such alternatives as Cocktail Party receptions and backyard barbecues and many other simple arrangements.

Why have things changed?

Well for starters, couples of today are perhaps more anxious than ever about their finances. Spending a fortune on getting married just isn’t on the radar for most. In fact, smarter couples tend to decide that by electing for a simple wedding, and a simple reception, they can save big money. Money they can spend on more challenging financial items, such as buying a house.

It’s also true that the concept of marriage, for many, is a far more secular thing. So a Marriage Celebrant becomes a natural fit. Of course by choosing a Wedding Celebrant over a church wedding, it typically opens up a range of choices for ceremony venue.

Or, a reason to hold just the simplest, lowest cost wedding possible.

Couples find they can marry in a beautiful beach location or at a stunning public park or garden. Others like the idea of marrying at home (or at their parent’s home!). Many weddings even take place in Reception Venues, ranging from plush hotels, to Golf Courses.

Styles of ceremony can range from traditional-feel, right through to the decidedly oddball. Take Starwars-themed wedding ceremonies; or Nudist weddings for example. With that in mind, some will find it a relief to know that traditional wedding formulas still carry on. On the other hand, it’s also very exciting to see that a plethora of interesting, simple weddings and even some very exciting wedding options present themselves, giving couples of today some great ways to get married uniquely – and affordably.

Why Your Wedding will be Different to Your Mum’s!

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