About Us


Christopher Steele Proprietor, Simple Weddings; & Staff Celebrant, Adelaide

Getting married? Congratulations. Since 2005 Christopher Steele (Authorized Marriage Celebrant) has conducted hundreds of weddings. Chris says: “I founded Simple Weddings because I learned that many couples especially just want to embark on getting married without bother. Simple Weddings makes that whole process so much easier, faster and cheaper.” Office: 1300 668 459 Email: chris@simpleweddings.com.au

Simba Eria, Service Manager

If you have a wedding booked and are therefore getting married by Simple Weddings and would like more information, please call. Furthermore, I’m at your service. So please call me during most business hours, I’ll be happy to help. I will do everything possible to ensure your wedding is as effortless and enjoyable as possible.In addition I certainly look forward to your phone call and therefore I’m ready to assist with any questions concerning your booked wedding and most of all the whole process of getting married. Direct: (08) 8412 5627 Office: 1300 668 459 Email: simba@simpleweddings.com.au


Helen, Staff Celebrant, Melbourne

I want to help make getting married special, but simple, as well. So it’s a pleasure to solemnize your ceremony and consequently, I am looking forward to your wedding! Please simply call our office, on: 1300 668 459

Paul Deb, New Bookings Manager

Hi and first of all, welcome to Simple Weddings. Perhaps you’ve chatted with me already, about your wedding, on Social Media? If as a result, you’d like to book a wedding…. Or, do you have any questions about how to get your wedding started, or getting married in general? If you do, you are therefore invited to ask me at any time. I will be very happy to help. Just phone me on  1300 668 459 Email: paul@simpleweddings.com.au


Maria Staff Celebrant, Melbourne

It’s great to add a little fun to your occasion. Getting married should be fun! Most of all, whenever I am conducting Simple Weddings, I make the ceremony very relaxing, yet usually, quite brief, too! Finally, you can expect a very nice but simple wedding, just as you’d hoped. Office: 1300 668 459