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Christopher Steele

Celebrant, Adelaide

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Since 2005, Christopher Steele, our authorized Marriage Celebrant, has had the honor of officiating thousands of weddings. Christopher’s passion for simplifying the marriage process led to the creation of Simple Weddings. He believes in making your journey to marriage easier, faster, and more affordable.

Have questions? Contact Christopher at: Office: 1300 668 459 Email: chris@simpleweddings.com.au

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New Bookings Manager

Hi and first of all, welcome to Simple Weddings. Perhaps you’ve chatted with me already, about your wedding, on Social Media? If as a result, you’d like to book a wedding…. Or, do you have any questions about how to get your wedding started, or getting married in general? If you do, you are therefore invited to ask me at any time. I will be very happy to help. Just phone me on 1300 668 459 Email: paul@simpleweddings.com.au



Staff Celebrant, Queensland

Lorraine specializes in conducting Simple Weddings in Queensland, making the process seamless and stress-free for couples. It’s never been easier to say “I do”!



Staff Celebrant, Melbourne

Melbourne Adding a touch of joy to your special day, Maria believes that getting married should be fun! As one of our Celebrants, she ensures that Simple Weddings are relaxed yet meaningful. Expect a beautiful and simple ceremony just as you envisioned.

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Keeping things sleek and professional, Ashley handles all things marketing at Simple Weddings. From our social media pages to every aspect of our business, Ash ensures that your experience with us is fun and visually appealing. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!