Adelaide Wedding, Any Location, Holidays or Long Weekends: $699. Book now! – Simple Weddings

You already know about our super-low-price weddings
(fortnightly, on Wednesdays and Saturdays).
But…what if you want to marry on a different day, and/or at a different location?

Now you can also book a Simple Wedding for any Adelaide location, on any Long Weekend or Holidays, for just $699*
To choose this option, you must phone to book.
Phone 1300 668 459 to book, now!

*Check our availability for your desired date! Simply call now or fill in the form on your right.
*Travel surcharge ($44 per hour travelled to your location and return) applies for locations beyond 30 minutes of Adelaide GPO
*Non-holiday dates are charged at a lower rate, please click here.

Yes, Iā€™d like to marry on a Long Weekend or Public Holiday