How to Book a Registrar for a Wedding?

Get ready to say your registrar wedding vows!

Booking a Registrar for a wedding (more commonly known in Australia as a celebrant) is easy.

Now, there are dozens of celebrants available on the Brisbane marriage register. Of course everyone planning to marry is mostly concerned about wedding registrar fees. That’s because Brisbane wedding registrar costs can differ wildly. Usually, you’ll find registrar wedding fees range between five hundred, to several hundred dollars. You see any civil wedding registrar can charge what he or she likes. Even the marriage registrar (at Births, Deaths & Marriages in Brisbane) charges at least $344 for a basic wedding during business hours.

Brisbane-Marriage-RegistrarBrisbane Marriage Registrar: Fortunately there is now Simple Weddings. Registrar for wedding ‘Simple Weddings’, provides a legal, simple, marriage registrar office-style wedding that’s less than the government’s cost of registrar for wedding. As mentioned, cost of registrar wedding at Births, Deaths & Marriages is at least $344 and that’s for a business-hours wedding at their office. Their Friday weddings are a lot more!

On the other hand, registrar marriage fees for a business-hours wedding at Simple Weddings’ Brisbane venue, The “Hi Surf Resort” is only $199.

Booking a registrar for your wedding doesn’t get any cheaper than that.

So if the cost of wedding registrar is your first consideration, (wedding registrar cost is always the first consideration when planning a wedding!) then it’s high time you were booking wedding registrar, Simple Weddings.

Even the registrar of marriage would admit:

They provide Australia’s best value weddings (compare to all others on the register of marriage celebrants!) They even beat the government’s registrar fees (wedding).

You’ll find Simple Weddings is the easiest and fastest way to obtain your registrar marriage certificate.

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These days, many couples just want to get married without bother and without delay. Simple Weddings makes that whole process easier, faster and cheaper. Simple Weddings is exactly as you would expect. It’s rather like getting married at the Registry Office but far less expensive! Choose a Simple Wedding if you’d like to get married at Australia’s best price. Couples keen to marry as soon as possible, can usually get married either exactly in one month (legal minimum waiting time) or within just a few days more. Other services will keep you waiting 6, 8, 10 or even 12 weeks or more!

In the past, couples wishing to avoid wedding bother would elope. Now you can do the same, with even more convenience. Simple Weddings offers you the opportunity to marry at Australia’s best price, at our locations. Why not join the hundreds of couples each year choosing to avoid all the hassle and expense of a traditional wedding by having a Simple Wedding instead? Book your Simple Wedding today!