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We asked Australia’s most famous Civil Marriage Officiant, Simple Weddings, for some answers about Civil Marriage in Brisbane:

Who can get married in Australia?

According to civil marriage laws, any couple over the age of 18 who are not presently married, can get married and have a civil marriage contract. The requirements for a civil partnership marriage are not onerous. It doesn’t matter if one partner is Australian and the other partner an overseas citizen The civil marriage act says that it doesn’t even matter if both partners are not Australian.
As you can see, your civil marriage rights are pretty easy to enjoy.

So if you’re looking to a wedding civil partnership – go ahead, it’s easy!

Even if one party is younger than 18 it may still be possible to have a civil law marriage – but that partner will need a court order from a judge and the written consent of both parents.

What do I need to do to get married?

Civil wedding requirements dictate that you’ll need to complete a “ Notice of Intention to Marry” form and lodge it with a suitable authority at least one month prior to your intended wedding date.

In order to achieve your civil marriage registration, you’ll need to provide certain identity documents, including either a passport or birth certificate each; and if previously married, a divorce certificate or death certificate relating to the most recent previous marriage. On the day of your marriage civil union, you’ll need to bring at least two adult witnesses to the wedding. Of course most couples are simply keen to obtain their civil marriage license! If you’re looking for simplicity, well, these are just some of the advantages of civil marriage.

How do I obtain my Civil Marriage Certificate?

On your wedding day, Simple Weddings will provide your wedding certificate. However it’s worth noting that for immigration purposes, or to change your name on a driver’s license once married, you’ll need to obtain a “Registered” marriage certificate copy, which can only be obtained once you are actually married. You can apply for this from Births, Deaths and Marriages.

You’d be hard pressed find a better civil marriage officiant than Simple Weddings. Simply provide your contact details to your right and Simple Weddings will get in touch to arrange everything. Promptly, easily and at Australia’s best price.

How much does a Civil Marriage cost?

There is no set fee for a marriage in Australia. In other words the cost of civil marriage varies.

You’ll need to confirm all costs with the wedding officiant that you choose. For Brisbane’s best price, you might like to consider a Tuesday wedding by Simple Weddings, at our function location: Mercure Brisbane, Garden City, 18 MacGregor St, Upper Mount Gravatt, for just $247 (Australia’s best price!)!

What venues can I choose for my Civil Marriage?

The Civil marriage venue we offer in Brisbane is at Mercure Brisbane, Garden City. It’s an easy to get-to address, 18 MacGregor St, Upper Mount Gravatt, in Brisbane.

Is there a civil marriage dress code?

In short, no. You can wear whatever you like! You don’t have to go shopping for civil marriage dresses, for instance! In a typical civil marriage service, we find that most couples seem to wear smart casual clothes.

What are the legal civil marriage vows?

Civil wedding ceremony wording doesn’t have to be longwinded.
You might wonder, is there an actual “civil marriage ceremony script”? The answer is, “of course” but it’s not really very complicated.

Here’s an example of the civil ceremony marriage vows: “I ask the people, here present, to witness that I, John Smith, take you, Ann Black, to be my lawful wedded wife (or “partner”).” When it comes to civil marriage vows, this is the legal minimum which you each must say to the other. You could say more, but that’s optional. Some of our clients request to say certain civil marriage readings on the day and that’s perfectly ok, but not typical. If you’re thinking of marriage vows, civil ceremony vows are usually the simplest. If you’re looking for a civil marriage ceremony sample, you can find a full example of civil marriage ceremony text on Simple Weddings website.

Is there a difference? Can you compare civil union vs marriage?

To compare a civil union versus marriage, the first question we must ask, is “ What is a civil marriage?” Or more specifically, what is the difference between civil partnership and marriage?

These are questions we’re often asked. When we’re asked to consider what is civil marriage, (ie) marriage vs civil union, we generally explain that in civil unions vs marriage, there’s very little difference. In fact, when considering civil union v marriage, the best civil marriage definition could be that marriage and civil partnership are one and the same thing. In America and some other countries, they have a “civil court marriage” but in Australia, we have a choice between civil vs religious marriage. You can choose to get married by a religious institution; or have a civil service marriage performed either by a civil marriage officiant; or by the government.

I’m sometimes asked, what is the difference between civil and religious marriage?

Well, if you ask me “what is a civil union marriage?” then our answer is, the definition of civil marriage is quite clear. But if you’re comparing civil marriage vs religious marriage, then we would say that I define civil wedding as “marriage without mandatory religion”. But that’s not to say that you couldn’t have religious readings or other items if you desired. So there is no civil partnership marriage difference. (no “marriage versus civil union” difference).
You can’t say “civil partnership vs marriage” because they are the same thing.

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