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Your wedding booking is confirmed.

Please be on time for your wedding!

Next step!

Lodge your “Notice of Intention to Marry” (NOIM) form

Once you have done that, the fully-filled NOIM form will be emailed to you, instantly, ready for signing; along with these instructions on what to do next.

The instructions will ask you to:

  1. Have your at least one of your signatures witnessed by any of the following: A JP, a Lawyer, a Doctor, or a Police Officer.*
    *Or if you are overseas, witnessed by a Notary Public or Australian Consular Official
  2. To lodge the form: Scan in and email to: You will receive an email confirmation of receipt
  3. Retain the original form; and you MUST bring it to Simple Weddings on your wedding day

As you provide your details, you will be asked to upload ID documents

The documents asked for are your: Passports; or failing Passports then your Birth Certificates plus one form of Photo ID each.

Photo ID can be Driver’s License, Student ID, or National ID if you are from overseas.

Other Photo ID’s may be acceptable please contact us if unsure.

Also, if either party has been previously married please provide Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate in relation to most recent former spouse in any case.

Note: If you haven’t got all of these ID items right now, don’t worry. You can provide them later but they must be provided prior to the wedding date and really, as soon as possible. We need them to ensure your paperwork accurately matches government requirements and for legal identity purposes.


By law, the NOIM form must be received by Simple Weddings no less than one month prior to your booked wedding date.

If you book a wedding date and do not supply the form prior to one month before your wedding, we will get in touch to re-schedule your wedding date and a rebooking fee of $50 will apply. If you have any concerns, please call us on 1300 668 459 during normal business hours.


If you are using Gmail, you may find that our emails arrive in your spam folder, so please check there… And! Please add our email address to your gmail address book.