How to Book a Registrar for a Wedding in Surfers Paradise?

Ready to Book a Registrar for Your Wedding?

Getting ready to say your vows and tie the knot? Booking a registrar for your wedding, also commonly known as a celebrant in Australia, is a straightforward process. With numerous celebrants available on the Surfers Paradise marriage register, it’s essential to consider registrar wedding fees.

Registrar wedding fees can vary widely, ranging from a few hundred to several hundred dollars. Civil wedding registrars have the freedom to set their own prices. For instance, the marriage registrar at Births, Deaths & Marriages in Surfers Paradise charges at least $371 for a basic wedding during business hours.

But there’s good news! Simple Weddings offers a legal, simple alternative that won’t break the bank. At our Surfers Paradise venue, the Oaks Gold Coast Hotel, we provide registrar-style weddings for just $247 during business hours.

Booking a registrar for your wedding doesn’t get any more affordable than this!

If cost is your primary concern (and let’s face it, it often is when planning a wedding), then it’s time to consider booking with Simple Weddings. We offer Australia’s best value weddings, beating even the government’s registrar fees.

Our streamlined process ensures that obtaining your registrar marriage certificate is easy and fast. Get in touch with Simple Weddings today by filling out the contact form on your right. Alternatively, give us a call at 1300 668 459.

If you’re ready to make it official, you can even book your wedding instantly online. Just click the button to your right and let’s start planning your special day!

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