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These days, life is hectic enough without going to the bother of a full-blown, traditional wedding.

And let’s face it, the cost of having a traditional wedding is well outside the budget of most normal Australians. Quite frankly, a Simple Wedding is far more preferable. After all, with a Simple wedding you can get married without fuss or nonsense, at our ceremony venue and at Australia’s lowest price.

Of course some couples do want to celebrate! Getting married simply, by Simple Weddings just means that the ceremony is done in a very simple fashion. A lot of the couples we marry use the savings towards a really fun celebration afterwards. Some of them hire a hall and put on a big gathering for family and friends. Other couples will gather their friends and family for a big lunch or dinner at a hotel or restaurant. And some will have a much more informal affair, such as a backyard barbeque or a get-together at their local park, or even at the beach.

So as you can see, celebrating your wedding can be a lot of fun, even if your wedding ceremony is a Simple Wedding.

What are some alternatives to a Simple Wedding?

You could get married by any one of hundreds of private celebrants. However they all charge a lot more than Simple Weddings; and many of them want to turn the whole thing into a three-ring circus. Perhaps you don’t want all that fuss.

Or you could go and get married at the Registry Office (the government alternative). Not too bad… but it costs a lot more than a Simple Wedding and you’ll often get kept waiting weeks longer.

There are other alternative ways to marry, of course. However all of them are more complex, more expensive and slower. It’s not surprising, therefore, that hundreds of couples each year choose Simple Weddings instead.

Where does Simple Weddings operate?

We hold weddings in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise and Barossa Valley. Our weddings are conducted at our own, near-city venues and you can usually get married in just one month (the legal minimum) or just one month plus a few days.

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I learned that many couples just want to get married without stress, so we created Simple Weddings. We make the whole process of getting married easier, faster and cheaper than any alternative.

Christopher Steele (Proprietor & authorised celebrant since 2005)


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I do many of the Simple Weddings in Melbourne. It’s a fun, easy way to get married.

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I do many of the Simple Weddings in Queensland. It couldn’t be easier.

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I do some of the Simple Weddings in Adelaide. Why have a stressful wedding when this is so much simpler?