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If you’re getting married, it’s easy to get distracted by all the exciting options available.

After all, getting married ought to be like a dream, right?

You can get swept up by the thrill of receiving a wonderful engagement ring and… why should it stop there?

Shouldn’t your wedding day be sumptuous and sensational, in every regard?

A stunning wedding dress. Formal wear for the guys. Looking sharp, guys!

A chauffeur driven limousine to your wedding ceremony. Of course the reception will be grander than anyone has seen…A live band. A reception centre. A four course banquet for 200 guests (or more!)…

Yes, time to snap out of it. This lovely dream is all very silly, now that money is so tight.

After all, life is bursting with other priorities, such as purchasing a home (or just paying a mortgage on the home you already have). Or maybe it’s just managing the school fees, the everyday living costs and an occasional splurge on a night out with your besties.

Now, no-one with any sense wants to spend twenty or thirty thousand dollars or more on a wedding.

What intelligent couples are doing is simply, getting married.

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No fanfare. No fluff and nonsense. They are just getting married, registry office style and enjoying the enormous cost savings. Maybe they’ll have just themselves and a couple of witnesses for a brief, intimate legal wedding ceremony. Then, they’ll surprise all their friends and family with the announcement – We got married!

Other couples do much the same but for a few hundred dollars will also go out to dinner with the six or ten people they do invite to the ceremony.

While others will spend about the same to have a backyard barbeque and have just as much fun as those spending in the thousands.

So yes, you could waste a lot of money on a one-day splurge of a wedding. Or you could do what many couples are now doing, which is to book a Simple Wedding. With Simple Weddings you can marry for just $247 (which is the lowest price in Australia). Now that’s a cheaper and better option than even the registry office! If you’re keen to simply get married and don’t like wasting money on frivolity, you’ll agree too that a Simple Wedding is better. It just makes more sense.

Of course it’s not just the savings. Imagine going to the registry office, only to find that you have to wait eight, ten or twelve weeks to get married?

If you book a Simple Wedding, you can get legally married at lower cost; and you usually only have to wait just one month (the legal minimum).

Best of all, Simple Weddings provides great service, in fact they take care of everything. Not bad for a budget wedding option, right? If a Simple Wedding sounds like a better option, you are amongst thousands of happily married couples who agree.

Take a look at Simple Wedding’s service offerings in Melbourne, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise and Adelaide to see just how much better getting married can be. You’ll find it all at simpleweddings.com.au .


Why Simple Weddings are better

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