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Darren and Felipe, a same sex couple wanted to hold a small and basic ceremony in Australia, mainly for the benefit of Darren’s young adult daughter, Natasha.

It was Darren and Felipe’s plan to also conduct a big, traditional,festival style wedding at Felipe’s home village in his home country at somelater stage; but for now, becoming legally married in Australia and for thebenefit of Natasha’s attendance, the couple decided on something simple and laid back.

After initially deciding on Simple Weddings for theceremony, Darren booked that marriage celebrant service by phone; then arranged a meeting where he and Felipe could discuss the very straightforward plan forthe occasion with the celebrant, Chris Steele.

Chris agreed with the couple that the whole thing could bebrief, casual and relaxing.

Chris said: “The wedding was scheduled for the first available time just over a month away; and during the brief initial meetingwith Darren and Felipe, everything was prepared in just a few minutes.”

Gay civil partnerships wedding cake

On the wedding day, just four gathered for the wedding. Darren’sdaughter Natasha and her Portuguese boyfriend Nando dressed smartly for theoccasion, while the chaps getting married arrived in matching Hawaiian shirtsand sandals.

Within the flash of a few photos and a very brief,perfunctory ceremony (just as the couple had wished for) Felipe and Darren weremarried, and after thanking Chris for going to no fuss whatsoever (just as theyhad hoped), were then promptly whisked away by Natasha and Nando to a mysteryvenue for a nice long luncheon.

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A same Sex Couple Gets Married

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