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For many years, this late 30’s couple had been wishing to marry but obstacles kept getting in their way. Sometimes quite pleasant obstacles, like two young children; a house, business trips etc.

But overall, it seemed like getting married was always justa bit beyond their grasp, until October 2018. Finally they knew that gettingmarried was not only possible, it could be fun and very exciting.

They weregoing to marry in Thailand, at a beautiful resort on lush green lawns, amidstthe bougainvillea’s, palm trees and frangipanis and with a beautiful seacompleting the picture, with just 15 of their closest friends and relativesjoining them. A surprisingly affordable holiday and wedding plan, all rolled into one.

All their plans were coming together quite nicely since they firstcame up with the idea (it was Matthilde’s idea originally) and tickets werebooked; visas organized and everything was on track. Then Matthilde heard froma friend whose cousin had married in Thailand, that there was a nightmare scenario they hadn’t contemplated. Bureaucracy.

They hadn’t counted on just howcomplex it would be, to legally register their marriage in Thailand.Matthilde’s friends’ cousin found that after marrying, she and her new husband had had to waste precious days of what should have been a luxurious honeymoon,enduring a grinding bureaucratic process, including flying to Bangkok toregister the marriage.

Meanwhile, Marcus had read that getting married in Australia first, might be faster, easier and less painful. They could still have the fairytale ceremony in Thailand, but in reality they would have become legally married in Australia first and the wedding registered without fuss or bother; and without eating into their precious honeymoon time.

What a good idea!

Marcus contacted the registry office but was advised hewould have to wait about 9 weeks for the first available booking date which coincided with the couple’s availability.

Then, Marcus noticed Simple Weddings ad; and called to enquire. To Marcus’ delight, Simple Weddings (a very popular marriage celebrant service) were able to book the couple in for a simple ceremony in exactly one month and two days; so Marcus and Matthilde arranged to meet Simple Weddings’ manager, Chris, that same afternoon.

The couple duly got married a month later, in a very basic fashion (but legally, of course!) and then flew off with all their friends fortheir dream, tropical wedding in Thailand just a few days after that.

NB: If you’replanning a romantic, tropical wedding (but wish to avoid a bureaucratic nightmare afterwards), why not consider a Simple Wedding in Australia first?It’s a good idea. Simply enjoy a dream wedding ceremony while you are overseas;but without the paperwork; and get legally married in Australia. See how easyit all is, at

How Matthilde and Marcus Made Their Thailand Wedding a Lot Easier

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